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Promoting girls

Supporting girls and women is a special focus for Friends-for-Hope e.V. The initial aim is to increase the participation of girls in education. As is often with traditional role models, families send them to school less often than boys and they are more often called upon to work and are married young. Often leading to very early pregnancies and a large number of children. Which in turn leads to economic problems. In Rajasthan, the illiteracy rate is extremely high, especially amongst women. The spread of poverty accordingly high.

House for Girls – Bridge School Boarding School, Singla

In order to address the concerns of the parents of girls and to do them justice, a "Girls' House" was built on campus in Singla. Only female students are accommodated there. Girls are between 9 and 15 years old. Offering them a protected space led to greater trust from the families and to a greater willingness to have their daughters attend the school in Singla as well.


The girls' home was also equipped with sewing machines, where sewing classes are held regularly. Workshops are also held on hygiene and family planning, as well as equality and abuse - important educational topics.


Mother and Child Center with Night School – Roopangarh

In the village of Roopangarth, about 20 kilometers from the Barefoot College campus in Tilonia, a mother-child center with an attached night school was built. The high illiteracy rate in the village and surrounding area led to early pregnancies and high birth rates. The young women, adolescent girls and underage mothers, therefore needed special support.


A six-month craft training program offers three courses on sewing, patchwork and embroidery. This training helps them generate their own income in the long term. It enables them to produce and sell products that are in demand in the region's markets. 

They also receive an introduction to financial management.

In addition, they learn the basics of hygiene and family planning in workshops.


In the associated night school, the 5-14 year-olds receive basic education to enable them to transfer to a state school.

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