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Our partners

... like us, share a common goal of enabling people in need to lead a decent and self-determined life. The conditions for such world are jointly created. Investing in education is arguably the most meaningful approach to helping.

Projects we get involved in, are those we first conduct meticulous due diligence, where we are are ourselves personally convince, are regularly on site and closely monitor that they are in line with our objectives and our standards.


Barefoot College

Barefoot College sees education as the most important tool in breaking the cycle of poverty, especially in rural areas and for people disadvantaged by caste.


The Barefoot education program aims at the holistic development of children and young people, with a special focus on girls and women. Placing a special emphasis on literacy and the teaching of practical knowledge and skills. This enables and secures people's education and training.


The concept is based on the idea of helping people to help themselves by promoting their self-efficacy. To be a role model for each other, to pass on knowledge, to use strengths and abilities of people in the regions.


Closely involving villagers in the development and planning of projects, as well as jointly making decisions, ensures that teachers, parents and children identify and actively participate in the management of their schools. In this way, projects are directly related to the needs of the people. With the unconditional goal of sustainability.

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