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I am Saroj.
I am 9 years old.

I used to attend the night school. From there I went to the boarding school in Singla.

At home ...

 ... I tended cows, fetched water, baked bread or picked mung beans. In the evening after work, I went to school.

My parents ...

... have never been to school. As migrant workers they travel a lot. I'd glad I get to  enjoy being in school here in Singla.







Our vision: To offer children a better life

Friends for Hope e. V. is committed to disadvantaged children and young people, in western Rajasthan in India, with the aim of giving access to education and training in order to enable them to have a self-determined future. The unconditional claim of the association is to implement only sustainable solutions. Education, as well as the areas of health care and nutrition, are an essential foundation and particularly effective.

We are a member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. We maintain constant contact with our project partners and personally visit our sites site to monitor the progress of our projects.
Our accounting is handled by the independent and experienced "Haus des Stiftens".

Friends for Hope e. V.
Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

I am Saroj.
I am 9 years old.

When I grow up I want to be a shepherdess. I want to keep the animals healthy and know which shrubs and herbs are good for them, and which aren't.


I am Ganesh.
I am 6 years old.

I really like going to night school because I meet my friends there and I can play.


 Girl Promotion

Supporting girls and women is a special concern for Friends-for-Hope e. V. The primary goal here being, to increase the participation of girls in education.

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