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Your donation reaches the cause !

We guarantee that your donation will benefit the project in full.

Our accounting is handled by the independent and experienced "Haus des Stiftens".


Please let us know in the 'intended purpose', which project we can use the donation for and, if necessary, your address if you need a donation receipt.


You can also simply, add the keyword “Where it is urgently needed”. We will then allocate your donation to the most urgent project.


Our association is recognised as a non-profit organisation.
Donations can be claimed for tax purposes.


Donation Account

Friends for Hope e. V
IBAN: DE69 4306 0967 8227 0441 00
GLS community bank, Bochum

Donation receipt for submission to the tax office

If you provide us your address on the transfer slip, you will automatically receive a donation receipt for submission to the tax office.

Simplified proof of donation

In order to keep the administrative costs of the association as low as possible, we ask that for donations of up to 300 euros the

simplified proof of donation  be used as a donation receipt.


To do this, please print out the certificate and enclose it with the tax return, with a copy of your bank statement.

For donations over EUR 300, please send us an e-mai with the address to which the donation receipt should be sent (if not specified in the transfer). Please use

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